Poster at 24 x 36 inches. The top half of the graph shows the quantity of queer women on television every year since 1972 divided by sexual orientation, and including important real world events. The bottom half of the graph represents the portion of these women who fell victim to any of the three most common tropes, along with significant characters and how their storylines concluded.

Detail: Project statement.

Detail: Poster legend. Textures were chosen as visual representations to their corresponding orientation or trope. Icons are used to communicate the impact of real world event orĂ‚ fictional character.

Detail: Statistics for the top half of the graph. The sexual orientation of most characters was firmly established, yet half appeared only as guests or recurring characters and were not part of the regular line up.

Detail: Statistics for the bottom half of the graph. The three most common tropes were used on over half of all characters. Nearly 60% of characters departed from a television show with either an unresolved storyline or an unjust death.

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