Climate change is a broad issue that can be tackled in different ways by people everywhere. To make the issue matter to the public, it needed to be inviting, interactive, and interesting from the get-go. So from three initial ideas, two were combined to work together in perfect harmony.
The exhibition has traffic fl ow designed to let visitors weave in and out. In diameter, it measures to be 24 feet, with an 8 foot graphic positioned at its center.
The domino panels measure to be 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall. There are twelve panels, two for each type of climate change with information on one side, and a domino-like appearance on the other.
 Upon departure of the exhibition, the audience will be directed to the augmented reality app shown here, where they can interact with their daily surroundings as they continue to learn how they as individuals can help save our planet.
The appealing augmented reality shows what our world may one day look like if climate change is not stopped. The app also lets users share snapshots, find more at-risk areas on a map, and bookmark environments to read up on later.
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